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About us

About us

MD Finance is a global FinTech company. Since 2015, we have enabled businesses to launch and scale lending products worldwide.

We’re inspired by dreamers—businesses and personalities—and work incessantly to deliver loan solutions that smash the barriers between them and their goals. 

Our primary offering is focused on providing loan automation, KYC, and marketing solutions for financial businesses.

While our headquarters are in Cyprus, we work with 100+ team members worldwide—in regional offices and remotely—to instantly spot emerging local trends and global landscape shifts. Our diverse team empowers our expertise and product development.




Years of experience


Credit applications managed on our platform
About us


MD Finance offers a wide range of tools that enable companies to focus on scaling and innovations.

Access the entire customer lifecycle toolkit, fulfilling your KYC and AML obligations without compromising the user experience.

Bulletproof your financial success from fraud with robust decision intelligence solutions.

Fuel your sales funnel with qualified leads, utilizing our global marketing resources.

Core Team

Anchor Team

We've assembled a team of top-tier professionals, equipped with unparalleled expertise in risk assessment, cost control, security, process optimization, marketing (combined with the latest advances in AI), and machine learning.

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