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Modular loan automation platform

Cloud Pulse® is an online lending solution that covers all parts of the loan management process—from lead generation to loan payoff and retention. It works end-to-end on both the client-side and business-side of loan servicing. 

Your client gets: website and mobile app, client's account, fast online registration process, application, and credit calculator.

Your business gets: lead generation and management, application enrichment with internal and external sources, decision-making system (risk rules, scoring, KYC, AML), transaction accounting module, credit products development, and collection module and analytics.

Give your business growth a head-start from day one with CloudPulse®. Our accumulated, extensive industry experience and intelligent adoption of the latest tech advances put you ahead of the game.

End-to-end solution

Streamline operations, including lead generation, loan applicant processing, KYC and AML, loan granting and servicing, collateral management, debt collection, and customer support.

Flexible customization

Configure your ideal loan management system, so it’s tailored to your unique business objectives.

Easy integration via API

Enhance your process with third-party integrations by any data or service provider you need.

Ready-to-go templates for credit products

Create and adjust your services with product, risk, and collection templates for bulletproof efficiency and security.

Proven global effectiveness

Launch and scale your lending business worldwide, based on global best practices and benchmarks.

Fast implementation

Skip to the part where you have an established, streamlined business. Avoid operations-building hassles.  

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