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Czech lending market: key insights

Is Czechia a good country for FinTech businesses, particularly for companies that provide credit services? Who are the most active players in this market segment, and how successful are they? We took the liberty of answering some of these questions in our "Lending in a nutshell" report.

Our Insights team sheds light on the competitive landscape and strategic positioning within the Czech lending sector in this analysis. For a detailed examination of the leading companies, their financial indicators, and loan portfolios, we identified the top 27 companies based on the following criteria:

  • the entire process of obtaining the loan is online;

  • the company provides loans without collateral;

  • it provides both business and personal loans.

Learn more about the Czech lending market below, or download the report right away to get key insights into how local lending and loan ecosystems shape the global industry.

TOP 27 lending companies in Czechia

the table with top key players fintech in Czechia

Revenue | TOP 27 lending companies

table with top lending companies in Czechia revenue
,000 CZK

Net income | TOP 27 lending companies

Net income of top Czech lending players
,000 CZK

Loan portfolio | TOP 27 lending companies

Loan portfolio of TOP lending companies Czechia
,000 CZK

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