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Romanian lending market: key insights

Updated: Jun 19

Easy insights for busy people. 

What has supported the steady growth of the Romanian FinTech market in recent years? What opportunities and obstacles do lending businesses and investors see there? Check out "Lending in a Nutshell" for the answers. Our reports provide valuable insights in brief form every month, focusing your attention on different regions in which local ecosystems are shaping the global industry. 

Romania FinTech landscape

While still developing, the Romanian fintech ecosystem has seen rapid growth in recent years, with a significant number of companies established after 2018. In 2023 alone, we witnessed the launch of 84 new FinTech companies.

Among the market strengths are:

  • the availability of a skilled workforce,

  • the clarity of the regulatory framework,

  • a sufficient customer base,

  • the relatively low costs of conducting business.

Regarding the obstacles companies experience, there are:

  • fierce competition for talent, 

  • difficulties in expanding into international markets, 

  • lack of cooperation between the stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Romanian Lending ecosystem

Romania's non-bank financial sector now makes up almost a quarter of the financial system. It has grown steadily by 4.3 percentage points compared to ten years ago, mainly due to contributions from private pension funds. 

Romania lending in financial sector segments

We analyzed the leading companies and their financial indicators to shed more light on the state of the lending market in Romania. We identified the top 20 companies based on the following criteria:

  • the entire process of obtaining the loan is online;

  • the company provides loans without collateral;

  • it provides both business and personal loans.

Romania lending market players

Download our full report to learn more about the selected companies' revenue, loan portfolio, and NET profit.

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