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Vietnam's lending market: key insights

Updated: Jun 20

Easy insights for busy people.

Vietnam FinTech is gaining momentum, cementing its position as the second-largest player in the ASEAN landscape after Singapore. Its tech-savvy middle-class population of 77.9 million (January 2023), the meteoric rise of digital payments, and the government's encouraging regulatory approach make the region one of the most attractive for business. In our new "FinTech in a Nutshell" issue, we curated vital numbers, facts, and rules you need to know about this market - in a go-to format.

Vietnam FinTech landscape

The Vietnamese fintech market is on the brink of substantial expansion, with the number of fintech enterprises quadrupled in recent years.

Vietnam lending statistics

Among the market strengths are:

- encouraging regulatory approach;

- collaboration between banks and non-banking organizations;

- large tech-savvy population, increasing mobile phone connectivity and internet penetration.

Regarding the obstacles companies experience, there are:

- increasing cybersecurity threats;

- inconsistent financial reporting;

- reduced interest income and higher loan loss provisions reflect deteriorating borrower quality.

Vietnam Lending sector

Vietnam's lending landscape has transformed from a concentrated market into a dynamic and diversified one, featuring different types of organizations providing a wide range of products.

Vietnam lending system

To provide deeper insights into the state of the lending market in Vietnam, we examined the top companies and their financial indicators within the groups:

  • financial companies that issue loans;

  • micro-finance institutions;

  • FinTech companies that issue loans, among other products;

  • Loan comparison platforms;

  • BNPL;

  • Pawnshops.

Download our full report to learn more about the selected companies' revenue, loan portfolio, and NET profit.

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